The Angry Bear

Hey, I am the Angry Bear. I can be found on the local swing dancing floors or out playing every sport imaginable. Not much more to me. Oh and I love to travel. Only 12 states left to go before hitting them all. Hopefully I can get that done in the next 5 years. Then it's europe here I come!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fall Update

I just want to thank Dave for reminding me to update this site. I tend to forget that this is out there.

Here is a quick recap:
First off, I am still dating a wonderful girl (Annika) and things are going really well with her. Nothing like having a cute girl that can dance =).

I am now teaching swing dance lessons in LeSueur and actually getting paid for it. I love it =). Nothing like getting paid for doing something that I love!!!

I am back in school again and I am taking 2 classes.

I will write more later.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Summer Update

Well, since the summer is half over I will let people know what I have been up to. So far this summer I have yet to travel too far but I have done some fun stuff. Things I have accomplished are spending a weekend up in Duluth for Memorial weekend, going camping this weekend in Spicer, got asked to teach swing lessons in LeSueur for the community center, swinging at least once a week, learned a lot more about myself and what I want to do with my life (looks like I might be hanging around the area for quite a bit longer), found a girl that makes me extremely happy (one of the best parts is that she actually swing dances also, thank you Annika!!!), and I have been riding my new motorcycle as much as possible.
Now the one crappy thing I am dealing with is my old motorcycle got stolen and I am tring to get the local cops to do something about it instead of sitting on their butts. Now this would not be a problem but the cops will not give the insuarace company teh report because it is being "investigating" yet I am sure the guy hasn't looked at it in the past month! Darn them!!!!!

Well, I am done with my lunch break so I will cut this short also. I hope people enjoy my rambling!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Well, like most things that I do I tend to just jump in them and for some reason they never come out the way I want to. From here on out I am going to know a little more about the girl that I date before going out with her. For some reason someone that believes in sex outside marriage, divorse if you no longer love the person of you find someone else, gay marriage, and pretty much anything else that would would be the oposite of me. I tried making it work but for some reason the longer I tried the more I realized that it wasn't gonna happen. At least I now have mt weekends free =)=)=)=)=).

Now, what else am I am to you may be asking...well here it is. I am pretty much in a big rut with my weeks. On Monday I go to big dogs, tuesday I usually take the night off but I am helping start up dancing on tuesday nights so tonight will be the first night of that. On wend. I play softball and then head up to mexican village for the Margarittas =). Yummy... Thursdays it's dancing again up in the cities, so if you are in the cities you should come dancing with us =). The weekend I am always doing something different from camping to sitting around tring to touch my nose with my tongue. Fun stuff if you ask me =).

Well, back to work I go.

Peace out!
Sam I Am

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ha, another update

Well, since I am pretty sure Dave is the only one that looks at this site, I will let him be the first to know that I am actually seriously dating someone. If you want to see more about her she is the first girl on my friends list on my myspace page\swinginsam (i think that is it). If you keep the comments coming I'll keep the blog coming =).


Monday, June 05, 2006

Here's your update Dave

Well, here it is. There was 2 girls that I was interested in and seemed interested in me and I really had no clue which on to persue. Well, since that situation I persued both of the girls, one I realized pretty quick it wasn't going to work so I ended it and the second girl we've been kinda on and off since then. I think we pretty much are content with being good friends so that is where we will stay for now and hopefully more will come of it since I am a huge fan of her's.


Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's been a while

Wow, I am sure no one looks at this site anymore but here is a pointless post just to say that I posted. I pretty much had a pretty crappy night last night and wanted to vent somewhere so here it is =)....Ok maybe the venting is still in my head but it might come out later =). I think I like leading people on to think that they are going to get all this great stuff and then bam, nothing.


Monday, March 06, 2006


Wow, after this weekend again I realized that I still know nothing about the female race, which is a blessing and a curse in one! I won't really go into the good details and the not so good details, I just felt like I needed to write something down!

Now, on a happy note =), I did go swing dancing with 11 people from Mankato that headed up to the cities to dance the night away at the first Saturday of the Month Dance. I sure hope if I'm around that I go to this!!! It was absolutly wonderful. Well, my ride is here for basketball so wish me luck, even thought it will be over before anyone see's it =).

***Update on the basketball game! After throwing my back out and scoring for the other team, we got our third win of the year =). Go our squad! Now its on to teaching swing. I'm not too sure how much that is going to work with a bad back but I guess we'll see =0.

OH and by far my favorite song right now is Tonight I Want to Cry by Keith Urban. For some odd reason I feel like I can relate to it even though I have never experienced anything like it! I sure hope it's not an indication of things yet to come!

Take care a have a great week!
Sam I Am